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infx spool

List entries in the storage pool


infx spool [ order class path finalpath status ] 
    order - change output order
    class - only show specific class
    path - only show entries that match this path
    finalpath - only show entries that match this final path 
    status - only show entries of this status


demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx spool

id  chunk  finalpath              status  last alloc  pri  beg  end  chunk  free gb
17  chks   /infx/inst/demo1/chks  active                2    0    0  25.00     5.34


  • output format defined in /infx/template/infx-cli/infx-cli-spool.htmlt, copy to /infx/local/etc and change there
  • see space for the list of what information is available
  • see to sub-infx-alert.ini for warning and error thresholds