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Each utility is based on the infx status service, and outputs variables and lists from the parser library.

 utility template description
 infx alert infx-cli-alert.htmlt List SQL task scheduler alerts
 infx cdr infx-cli-cdr.htmlt List status of connected CDR servers
 infx checkpoint infx-cli-ckps.htmlt List the recent checkpoint tracing times
 infx chunks infx-cli-chunk.htmlt List information about instance chunk files
 infx cmap infx-cli-cmap.htmlt List information about storage allocation within chunks
 infx dbs infx-cli-dbs.htmlt  List information about the databases in this instance 
 infx dbspace infx-cli-dbspace.htmlt List information about the storage spaces in this instance
 infx dri infx-cli-dri.htmlt List information about connected HDR/SDS/RSS servers
 infx fs infx-cli-fs.htmlt List information about file systems on this host
 infx hist infx-cli-hist.htmlt List the history of service execution in this instance
 infx list infx-cli-list.htmlt List the status of each instance on this host
 infx running infx-cli-running.htmlt List the infx services that are running on this host
 infx service
 infx-cli-service.htmlt List the status of the latest execution of each service
 infx sched infx-cli-sched.htmlt List the task scheduler information
 infx spool infx-cli-spool.htmlt List information about storage pool entries
 infx users infx-cli-users.htmlt List information about users connected to the instance

Each utility is defined by a template in /infx/template/infx-cli. Make a local copy of the template under /infx/local/template before making changes.