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Change the first extent and next extent sizes for a table.


infx sysadmin func=resize db tab [ owner first next ]
     re-size a table
         db - select database
         tab - the name of the table or enter owner.table
         first - the first size in mb
         next - the next size in mb

Note: Default size is in mb. Specify kb i.e. 350k or gb i.e. 3g.


Set the first extent size to 100mb and the next extent size to 50mb.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx sysadmin func=resize db=monitor_jgh1 tab=objectdailydetail first=100 next=50

execute: alter table objectdailydetail modify extent size 100000;
alter table objectdailydetail modify next size 50000

Database selected.

Table altered.

Table altered.

Database closed.