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Create a new smart blobspace.


infx storage func=newsblob space size chunk [ mchunk moffset ms mo logging=on|off at=off|on avg buf=on|off lock=blob|range ext min snext temp=no|yes ]
     create new smart blob space
         space - the storage space name
         size - the size in mb or add g/k for gb/kb
         chunk - the chunk
         mchunk - chunk to put mirror on
         moffset - offset into mirror chunk in mb
         ms - enter size for metadata in mb
         mo - enter offset into device to add metadata in mb
         logging - use logging for this space
         at - maintain object access times
         avg - average large object size in kb
         buf - use buffering
         lock - type of locking to use
         ext - the amount in mb to extend by
         min - sblob defualt min extent size in mb
         snext - sblob next size
         temp - use for temporary storage


demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx storage func=newsblob space=sblob03 size=100 chunk=new

onspaces -c -S sblob03    -p /infx/inst/demo1/chks/sblob03.000 -s 100000 -o 0
Verifying physical disk space, please wait ...
Space successfully added.

** WARNING **  A level 0 archive of Root DBSpace will need to be done.