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infx script

Execute a script file as an infx service.


infx script script
  execute a script
      script - the name of the script


Run the script /infx/local/script/sample/post-hot as an infx service.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx script script=sample/post-hot

removing storage pool entries

execute function task('storagepool purge all')

Storage pool purge successful


For more information on how to write scripts for infx, see custom scripts.

To be executed the script
  • must reside under the /infx/local/script tree
  • must be owner and group informix
  • must not be writable by others
A service log file is created for the script, based on its path and name. In this case the log file would be:

A new log file is created each day, and old files are cleaned up by the infx clean service.

This script will be shown by the infx running command.

The log file can be accessed by infx follow or infx view.

The script can be terminated with the infx kill command.