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infx follow

Use the infx follow command to continuously tail the output from a service log file.


infx follow [ service ]
     follow output of a running service
         service - name of the infx service

Note: If no service name is passed, it defaults to the most recently executed service.


Follow the output of the start service while an instance is started.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx follow s=start

Thu Apr 26 13:17:13 2012 infx_begin pid=28798 (v$Version$) cmd=start
Thu Apr 26 13:17:13 2012 infx_starttime ts=1335417433.32792
Thu Apr 26 13:17:13 2012 infx_info SSH_CLIENT= 50891 22
Thu Apr 26 13:17:13 2012 infx_info running onclean -ky
onclean: Cleaning up processes and resources for 'demo1'...
onclean: Cannot open the file /infx/inst/demo1/informixdir/etc/.conf.demo1.
Ensure that the value of the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable
matches the value of the DBSERVERNAME configuration parameter
from your onconfig file.
executing oninit
DS_NONPDQ_QUERY_MEM recalculated and changed from 1024Kb to 128Kb