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restore physical

Physical restore only. Restores storage spaces but does not restore any logical logs.

Use this option
  • to seperate the physical and logical portions
  • to restore prior to starting replication


infx restore type=physical inst [ rename tapedev salvage=yes|no force=yes|no online=yes|no ]
     physical restore only
         inst - instance name
         rename - the name of a file containing chunk mapping
         tapedev - name of directory to store backup
         salvage - salvage logical logs before restoring
         force - force the instance offline first
         online - bring the instance online after


Physical restore the current instance.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx restore demo1 type=physical

... snip ...
Restore is using file /infx/inst/demo1/backup/db/bobii_5_L0 ...
Using the backup and restore filter gzip -dc.

Archive Tape Information

Tape type:      Archive Backup Tape
Online version: IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 11.70.FC4IE
Archive date:   Mon Mar 19 16:49:47 2012
User id:        informix
Terminal id:    ?
Archive level:  0
Tape device:    /infx/inst/demo1/backup/db/
Tape blocksize (in k): 32
Tape size (in k): system defined for directory
Tape number in series: 1
Backup filter:  gzip -c

Spaces to restore:1 [root                                                                    ]
2 [blob01                                                                                    ]
3 [plog                                                                                      ]
4 [log01                                                                                     ]
5 [log02                                                                                     ]
6 [dat01                                                                                     ]
7 [dat02                                                                                     ]
8 [dat03                                                                                     ]
9 [dat04                                                                                     ]
10 [idx01                                                                                    ]
11 [idx02                                                                                    ]
12 [idx03                                                                                    ]
13 [idx04                                                                                    ]
14 [ltmp01                                                                                   ]
15 [sblob01                                                                                  ]

Archive Information

IBM Informix Dynamic Server Copyright 2001, 2011  IBM Corporation.
Initialization Time       02/18/2012 14:44:10
System Page Size          2048
Version                   26
Index Page Logging        ON since 02/18/2012 14:44:10
Archive CheckPoint Time   03/19/2012 16:49:47

... snip ...

Continue restore? (y/n)y
Do you want to back up the logs? (y/n)n

... snip ...

Now bring the instance online, without applying any logical logs. It may take several minutes for this operation to complete.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>onmode -m

By default, a physical restore does not salvage any logical logs, and the restore process will overwrites data contained in the current logical log. To salvage the current logical log, specify the salvage option on the command line

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx restore demo1 type=physical salvage=yes

... snip ...
Do you want to back up the logs? (y/n)y
Using the backup and restore filter gzip -c.
File created: /infx/inst/demo1/backup/logs/bobii_5_Log0000000040

Program over.

... snip....


  • once complete, use restore logical to roll forward logical logs
  • backup directory is defined by onconfig TAPEDEV parameter
  • all levels of backup stored in the backup directory will be restored
  • restore files from an alternate directory with the tapedev option