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restore ext

Perform an external restore. Executes the specified external restore script.


infx restore type=ext inst [ force=yes|no online=yes|no ]
     restore extenal backup
         inst - instance name
         force - force the instance offline first
         online - bring the instance online after

external restore script

Sample script provided in /infx/local/script/sample/ext-restore. Extracts a tar archive of the chunk files.

# test external restore using tar/gzip
# include disclaimer

cd /tmp

if [ -e $INFX_CHKDIR ] ; then 
echo restoring to `pwd`
gzip -dc <$INFX/backup/ext/$INFORMIXSERVER.tar.gz | tar xvf - . 
echo dir:$INFX_CHKDIR not found


Perform an external restore

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx restore demo1 type=ext

onclean: Cleaning up processes and resources for 'demo1'...
onclean: Cannot open the file /infx/inst/demo1/informixdir/etc/.conf.demo1.
Ensure that the value of the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable
matches the value of the DBSERVERNAME configuration parameter
from your onconfig file.
restoring to /infx/inst/demo1/chks

Perform an external restore, force the instance offline first and bring it online after

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx restore demo1 type=ext force=yes online=yes