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Change the defaults for a smart blobspace.


infx param func=sbsdef space [ at=off|on avg buf=on|off lock=blob|range logging=off|on ext min snext ]
     set smart blob defaults
         space - the storage space name
         at - maintain object access times
         avg - average large object size in kb
         buf - use buffering
         lock - type of locking to use
         logging - use logging for this space
         ext - is this file/device extendable
         min - sblob defualt min extent size in mb
         snext - sblob next size


demo1b@bobii:/home/informix>infx param func=sbsdef space=sblob01 avg=100 ext=110 min=120 snext=130 at=on buf=off lock=blob logging=on


You are turning off smart-large-object buffering.
You are setting the locking mode to BLOB locking.
These changes will become the new sbspace default values.
Changes have been made to the sbspace.
Now the utility will read and update 1000 smart large objects at a time and
commit each block of 100 smart large objects as a single transaction.This utility may take a long time to complete.