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infx oncheck

Run the informix oncheck command


infx oncheck [ params]
    params - options to pass to the oncheck command


demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx oncheck params=cr

Validating IBM Informix Dynamic Server reserved pages

    Validating PAGE_PZERO...

    Validating PAGE_CONFIG...

    Validating PAGE_1CKPT & PAGE_2CKPT...
          Using check point page PAGE_1CKPT.

    Validating PAGE_1DBSP & PAGE_2DBSP...
          Using DBspace page PAGE_1DBSP.

    Validating PAGE_1PCHUNK & PAGE_2PCHUNK...
          Using primary chunk page PAGE_1PCHUNK.

    Validating PAGE_1MCHUNK & PAGE_2MCHUNK...
          Using mirror chunk page PAGE_1MCHUNK.

    Validating PAGE_1ARCH & PAGE_2ARCH...
          Using archive page PAGE_1ARCH.


  • add instance name to command to run against any instance
  • add instance@host to command to run against any remote instance