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infx dbphoto

Record all profile information about a database. Includes sizing and activity information. See table list for a complete list of all the information recorded.


infx dbphoto [ db dbs res=low|high name ]
     record database metrics
         db - select database
         dbs - comma seperated list of databases
         res - low is less data high is the most data
         name - enter name to use
  • res=high includes all available information about each table and partition of the database. 
  • res=low only includes table totals, does not break down partitions
  • set INFX_PHOTO in config.ini to change storage location
  • set INFX_DBPHOTO_DBS in config.ini to a default set of dbs to output

taking photos

Dump information for all available databases, or just the dbs defined in INFX_PHOTO_DBS.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx dbphoto

dump location /infx/inst/demo1/photo - bartest monitor_jgh1 sysadmin
dumped dbphoto-bobii-demo1-high-bartest-2012-03-21-172711.dbphoto
dumped dbphoto-bobii-demo1-high-monitor_jgh1-2012-03-21-172712.dbphoto
dumped dbphoto-bobii-demo1-high-sysadmin-2012-03-21-172714.dbphoto

Dump only bartest and monitor_jgh1

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx dbphoto dbs=bartest,monitor_jgh1

dump location /infx/inst/demo1/photo - bartest,monitor_jgh1
dumped dbphoto-bobii-demo1-high-bartest,monitor_jgh1-2012-03-21-172822.dbphoto

reading photos back in

Pass the name of the photo to the status command to read back database table information

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx status list=table_list vars=tabname+ti_nrows

day_syscolumns       0
day_sysfragments     0
day_systables        0
hour_sysprofile      15795
hour_sysptprof       14783
hour_sysptprofb      14783
hour_sysshmvals      0
hour_systabinfo      0
objectdailydetail    13643
objectdailysum       12107
objectmonthlydetail  0
objectmonthlysum     0
spacedailysum        0
spacemonthlysum      0
syschunks            0
sysdbspaces          0
test1                0

For res=high photos, list information about each partition of a table. Adding tab= to command line limits the results

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx status vars=tabname+objectname+ti_nrows list=partition_list tab=objectdailysum

objectdailysum ix1_ods 0
objectdailysum objectdailysum 12107
objectdailysum px_ods 0


  • information from the SMI tables is cumulative, you should execute onmode -z as needed to reset these values
  • see the included script /infx/local/script/sample/snap for an example script that runs regularly, takes metrics and resets the statistics.