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Use this command to set up your shell environment for a specific instance. For example, set up to manage instance named demo01.
infxenv demo01 

To enable this, add the following line to your .bashrc or .profile.

alias infxenv='. /infx/scripts/infxenv'

Otherwise, you can set your environment directly

. /infx/scripts/infxenv infx01

sample environment

This is an example showing what gets set in the environment.

environment set for instance connection

This environment variables are set for connection to the selected instance.

 env  value  description
 INFORMIXDIR  /infx/inst/demo1/informixdir  location of informix software
 INFORMIXSERVER  demo1  instance server name
 INFORMIXSQLHOSTS  /infx/local/etc/sqlhosts    location of informix sqlhosts file
 ONCONFIG  onconfig.demo1  name of configuration file for instance

parameters set for infx

These parameters are set by infx.

 env  value  description
 PATH  /infx/inst/demo1/informixdir/bin:/infx/scripts:/usr/bin:/bin  path set to include informix and infx software
 INFX  /infx  location of infx software
 INFX_CHKDIR  /infx/inst/demo1/chks  location of instance chunk files or links
 INFX_CONFIG  /infx/inst/demo1/etc/config.ini   location of infx config file for this instance
 INFX_INSTDIR  /infx/inst/demo1  top level directory for this instance
 INFX_LOGDIR  /infx/inst/demo1/logs    location of service and instance log files
 INFX_SERVERNUM  5  informix server number for this instance

changing instance settings

infx provides three ways to specify config changes. This example is for an instance named demo1 on host called bobii.

 scope  file location  description
 instance  /infx/inst/demo1/etc/config.inoi  settings only applied for this instance
 host  /infx/local/etc/sub-bobii.ini  settings only applied on host called "bobii"
 overall  /infx/local/etc/config.ini  settings applied on all hosts and instances


  • see config.ini for more information on setting configuration parameters
  • by default infx looks in /infx, /usr/infx, /usr/local/infx or /home/informix/infx for the software
  • set environment variable INFX if you want to use a different location
  • set environment variable INFX if you want to have multiple infx versions installed