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infx rsync

Use this command to synchronize the infx software and configuration files between hosts. Only the software and infx configuration files are sent, no data or other instance information is included.


infx rsync dest [ destdir delete=no|yes dry=yes|no ]
  rsync software to remote host
      dest - remote host to send software to
      destdir - alternate location for infx software on remote host
      delete - include --delete option on rsync command
      dry - only list files to be transferred
      local - include local config and script files
      noenv - include the noenv inst structure in the rsync
      sw - include /infx/sw in the rsync

Note: before you can rsync the software,
  • rsync installed on source and destination host
  • group informix created on destination host
  • user informix created on destination host


Copy the infx software to host awsvps01.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx rsync dest=awsvps01

including /infx/etc/rsync-exclude.ini

rsync infx software
-av --cvs-exclude --exclude-from=/infx/inst/demo1/tmp/rsync.exclude ./etc ./lib ./scripts ./template ./www awsvps01:/home/informix/infx/
sending incremental file list
sent 19531 bytes  received 53 bytes  3560.73 bytes/sec
total size is 2370670  speedup is 121.05
rsync completed

Send the noenv instance set up files

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx rsync dest=awsvps01 noenv=yes

including /infx/etc/rsync-exclude.ini

rsync infx software
-av --cvs-exclude --exclude-from=/infx/inst/demo1/tmp/rsync.exclude ./etc ./lib ./scripts ./template ./www awsvps01:/home/informix/infx2/
sending incremental file list
sent 19531 bytes  received 53 bytes  3560.73 bytes/sec
total size is 2370670  speedup is 121.05
rsync completed

rsync noenv settings
sending incremental file list
noenv/informixdir -> /infx/sw/latest
sent 214 bytes  received 39 bytes  46.00 bytes/sec
total size is 15  speedup is 0.06
rsync completed

directories included

The following directories are included in the rsync

 directory purpose
 /infx/etc overall configuration information
 /infx/local locally modified templates and scripts for infx (only when local=yes)
 /infx/lib infx Perl code
 /infx/scripts infx script files
 /infx/sw Informix software files (only when sw=yes)
 /infx/www code for browser based GUI
 /infx/inst/noenv basic setting directory (only when noenv=yes)


  • specify delete=yes to have rsync delete files on the remote host that are no longer on the source host
  • specify dry=yes to just list files to be transferred, but do not transfer any
  • specify local=yes to include local config files in the sync
  • specify noenv=yes to include the noenv instance files, as required by an initial install
  • specify sw=yes to include informix software files.
  • be sure not to violate the license terms when using sw=yes
  • see infx keygen for information on how to generate ssh keys for rsync to work without a password
  • see setup ssh keys for more information on setting up ssh
  • config: rsync-exclude.ini to exclude files from the rsync process