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infx taskmod

Change task scheduler task settings.


infx taskmod id [ descr start stop freq execute enable=t|f mon=t|f tue=t|f wed=t|f thu=t|f fri=t|f sat=t|f sun=t|f ]
     modify task
         id - enter the task id
         descr - the description
         start - the start time
         stop - the stop time
         freq - the fequency
         execute - the command to be executed
         enable - enabled or disabled
         mon - runs on mondays
         tue - runs on tuesdays
         wed - runs on wednesdays
         thu - runs on thursdays
         fri - runs on fridays
         sat - runs on saturdays
         sun - runs on sundays


Stop the auto update statistics refresh from running on Saturdays.

demo1@bobii:/home/informix>infx taskmod id=33 sat=f

execute: update ph_task set tk_saturday="f" where tk_id = 33

Database selected.

1 row(s) updated.

Database closed.