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Use these commands to perform backup operations from the command line.

These commands only backup data stored in the Informix instance. They do not backup any software or configuration information. 

By default, infx does backup and restore with ontape to directories. This is controlled by setting the BARMANAGER parameter in config.ini.

For information about using onbar or other commands, see infx guide: 8. BAR manager


infx supports the following types of backup:

 type   description
 backup dbs  backup storage spaces
 backup ext  perform an external backup of chunk files
 backup fake  perform a fake backup
 backup logs  perform back up of logical logs
 backup verify  verify most recent backup

pre & post commands

  • You can define a pre or post command for each type of backup
  • These are automatically executed by the infx backup service
  • If the pre command fails (non 0 exit code), the backup command will not be executed
  • The post command is only executed if the backup command succeeds.
  • See sub-infx-ontape.ini for the full backup and restore command definitions. Copy the file to /infx/local/etc and make changes there. .

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