This is the infx management suite command line reference.


All infx commands share a common syntax.

By default, the infx command will execute against the instance pointed to by your INFORMIXSERVER environment variable. This is the same behavior as the underlying utilities such as onstat and onspaces.

You can add an instance name to the command line and the infx command will use that instance instead.

Each infx service executes within it's own environment. infx manages this and ensures the correct values for INFORMIXDIR, INFORMIXSERVER, ONCONFIG and PATH etc are supplied.

If you are also managing remote hosts, you can specify a remote instance on the command line. infx will use SSH to execute the command on the remote host. To specify a remote host either use the instance@host syntax, or specify the parameter host= on the command line.

By setting up SSH keys between the two hosts, the infx commands can be executed remotely, without the need to enter a password. This can simplify the management of multiple hosts by doing it from one location.


infx service inst [ host= options ]

 option description
 service name of the command to execute status
 inst select instance environment to execute against demo01
 host= specify name of host to execute command on host=serverb
 options options as required on a service by service basis mode=online

If you don't specify an instance name, the command executes against the instance in your INFORMIXSERVER environment variable.


Execute status service against your default instance, from $INFORMIXSERVER environment

infx status

Execute status service against demo02 instance, instead of $INFORMIXSERVER environment

infx status demo02

Execute status service against demo03 instance, on remote host servera, instead of local environment

infx status demo03@servera

For commands that do not specify an instance name, and the host parameters to execute on a remote host. For example run the all command on remote servera.

infx all host=servera